Dear Mr. Limbaugh

Dear Mr. Limbaugh


November 12th, 2008

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Mr. Limbaugh,

I am fully aware that you make your money from people who share your ignorant views and
good ol’ boys networking mentality. I have many friends who listen to your banter and I actually
welcome their banter as I learn a lot about people in general. However I am completely
disgusted and really appalled by your comments about OBAMARECESSION.

Mr. Limbaugh, need I remind you that Mr. Bush, your conservative bumbling sitting President,
along with other greedy self serving democrats and republicans are responsible for this
Economic situation. Now you want to pass blame on to a man who has yet to even sit in the

Mr. Limbaugh I wish you and your kind would for once show the black people the respect they
deserve when it comes to accomplishing something that you and your closet racist brethren
never thought was possible. You have done everything in your power to call him a Marxist,
Socialist, terrorist, and anything else to scare people into thinking this man is not qualified for
the position.

I agree he is young and has had little experience, but maybe this is what the country needs. I
mean really, all the powers that be that have the experience have turned this country into a
classification war. You either are rich or poor. The middle class is dying out quickly and your
level of thought is, oh well do something about it. How do you suppose we do something about
that if you continue to give your buddies tax breaks and misuse funds for personal gains without
caring about the working class?

Yes Mr. Limbaugh, I am speaking to you. The same guy who made comments about Donovan
McNabb and how much he was just another average black player the NFL was trying to push
and make the poster boy.

You are part of the same narrow minded backwoods closet racists who think any black man or
minority for that point that makes it to a successful level has to do as much if not 20 times more
just to be as good. Oh rest assured Mr. Limbaugh, I have no doubts you have many minority
friends. Ummm, the pool cleaner and your house keeper Rosita from Mexico…

Obama is the President elect and unless he makes this country do a complete 180, walks on
water, and even somehow captures Bin Laden, you and your fellow idiots of radio will consider
him a complete failure. However it’s amazing that you do not consider Bush a failure. You are
like the many who are scared of change. You are scared that now there might be an even
playing field and that the few who believe in your propaganda are dying off.

Well news flash they are dying off. As more and more people of any color become successful
and more blacks and others figure out they do not have to sing and dance and put on a minstrel
show to make it big are becoming part of society and doing as well and not so well, the same as

As a black man, I want the same opportunity as the next man. OPPORTUNITY… You and your
fellow closet racists just want to be part of the elite that make this country run. You want to know
that at the end of the day you can still eat filet Mignon instead of cheap store quality. I get it and
blame you. But I do find issue with the fact that you need to throw a man under the bus that has
not even had a chance to start.

You and your fellow conservatives had the nerve to call President­elect Obama an elitist (Negro
that does not know his place). I mean really, that is the same separatist backward thinking that
keeps us divided as a nation. Had he ran on an agenda that was pro black you would say he is
too pro black. So he ran on an agenda that was about the people and for the people. You call
him an elitist. Think about it. You basically have a problem with his skin tone. I am sure one of
your people will read this email and it will never get to you, but at least I know I voiced my
opinion to you.

I wonder Mr. Limbaugh how many black people do meet your approval for any office where they
are over seeing whites and blacks. My guess is none… Smile for the camera and tell everyone
it’s his politics, not the man or his color. We all know the truth.

Here is a theory that I think might sum it up. This country is in the worst condition in it has been
in over 40 years. There is a possibility according to your words and others like you that this
situation will not get any better for a while… But now we have an African American as president
and it is all his fault. I think secretly you are happy to have this. This way you can say we gave a
black man a chance and look what happened. Obama is in a no­win situation and unless he
pulls out all the tricks and gets this country so progressing and leading the world as it used to,
you and your co­horts will call him a complete failure.

Let’s say he does something like you have never seen and you and your buddies actually see
more money then any other time in history. Then what will you attack him on? Not looking after
the poor? Or how about the fact we have so much money to give to other countries, but cannot
take care of our own? Billions of dollars in a useless war (oh I forgot we had to attack Iraq)
I am not as experienced with politics as some, but as I stated, I am a literal man and I have
seen the writing on the wall. I have seen the truth of it all. I know how that you basically just
need to bark and hope someone bites so you can say, “I told you so…”

Let’s see if you and your fellow conservatives can do something unique. Get behind the man
and let’s unite and help this country get back to the great country it was. Let’s make it bigger
and stronger. Let’s make the country into something that people will once again say, “I wish we
could be like them.” But no because of people like you, we are a laughing comedy act coming to
an end…

Now on a lighter note think about this… I know what choice you will make, but you could look at
the numbers and realize, damn people really want change because people like you helped to
screw up the country. Or you could get smart and say damn, numbers don’t lie, maybe we need
to see if this change is any good.




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