July 15th, 2009

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Silence has a deafening sound at times.

It can become so constraint with nothing that you do not hear the sound of it

The Silence can enwrap you and comfort you as only you allow it.

The Silence can break your heart and bring you to tears.


Like a 12 x 12 room packed with 30 something years of life.

The walls can start to close in and grab a part of who you are.

Silence can bring you joy and self paced understanding.

Clear mindful movements that take no effort or thought but reaction of a divine movement.


Like a two year old child running in the house and once it hits you know there is something bad
to come

Be careful of the Silence at times its joy is hidden in pain.

Embrace the Silence for the tranquility it can offer.

At 5:45 AM and 10:45PM look into that Silence and understand.

Silence is never forever unless you let it be!!!

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