Greedy and wanting more?


December 4th, 2009

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g greedy and wanting more. Complicated isn’t it?

We often say we will give of ourselves more when we get that job that gives us a 175K salary
and more time to spend with our family. But we chase that dollar more and more no matter what
we make because we become more in love with the money and reward of what we have from
the hard work we do.

We always say “when is enough, enough?” “When it too much too much?” Well this goes into
our lives on a non material basis everyday as well. When have you given too much of yourself?

When have you stopped focusing on yourself and started focusing on the whole of everything
around you.

In a lot of Asian based theologies there is a theory that you are but a mere speck on the bigger
sense of identity. You and all you do always had a cause and effect on the world around you.
Like throwing a pebble in the water and watching those ripples that come from that pebble.
The problem is that selfishly we focus on that pebble and see the ripples and walk away, we do
not look at how that pebble has fallen into a place that is not originally meant for. That pebble
could have been the home for a bug that needed shelter or a favorite resting spot for an animal
that passes by that area in season.

We do not think about that pebble could have certain growth on it that could mess up the pond
or stream we threw it into. That pebble could have struck a fish in the head while the fish is
trying to eat. That pebble could have caused those ripples which therefore caused some food
not to go where it needs to for a fish.

Yes in our own simply minds and selfishly we throw that pebble for our own
enjoyment just to see those ripples or to see how many times we can skip
that pebble across the pond. We look at those few pebbles we throw and do
not realize how selfish of an action we are doing and what we might be
creating by not thinking about the Selfish

December 4, 2009 at 11:39am

How selfish are we really in everyday life? Even when we try to do good for others are we doing
this for others or for our own personal gratification? I was in the middle of trying to get my
resume up to snuff so that I could land a good job and I had a young lady tell me to get involved
more in volunteering to make it look like I was giving back.

But if you are truly looking to give back are you really looking for the acknowledgement? When
you take your time to listen or put a smile on someone’s face for a second what reward are you

Luke 12:48 to whom much is given much is required… When you read this and any other thing
in the bible it’s always about giving of yourself selflessly without worry or reward. But in the
complications of life I think many of us not only twist and adjust that but think of it on the
financial and ego level.

Many of us think about the fact those who have money and should be willing to give to the poor
and how selfish they are for not sharing or beinnd results of this action.

Selfish – the true definition of selfish is : devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned
primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.

Would this not describe most of us to some level. A lot of our actions on a daily basis are this
way. We like to think we care about others but end of the day do we not eventually figure out
that you have to take care of yourself and let people figure out for themselves.

What’s funny is we ridicule those who actually care enough to think about others and not be
selfish. Some of us hide in selfishness and do not realize how some of what we do is absolutely
selfish and shows no regard to others feelings in a very mean natured way.

So when is selfish good and when is selfish bad.

Even some Christians (born again) (my opinion) are selfish. A good vast majority of them
became obsessed with drugs, alcohol, or sex and did not know how to control it. Finally their life
started unraveling so bad they turned to a book written years ago by men who in my thought
were as imperfect as I. I liken it to the game of Telephone. Some of the messages were good
and uplifting in a time when people had no hope it gave people hope.

The book today still does that. But you have the born again, who selfishly follow the book for
their own good and claim how if you do not follow the book you are going to hell. But they can
quote the good book when it’s convenient for them. They do a lot of things considered sinful and
can say well I have a forgiving God so I know I am forgiven.

So selfishly you commit sin for your own gratification and then use God as a way to explain your
selfish behavior. What is the difference between a person who believes in God but not going to
church every Sunday and a person who does the same action but judges others based off the
same selfish acts?

Do they not understand the rippling effect that their selfish act has done? Do they not realize
that they are being selfish as well? Looking for a seat in heaven next to God, telling others that if
they do not follow the good book they will not go to heaven. Using selfish scare tactics to try and
get people to follow their cult like behavior as they do.

Yes I said cult. I don’t believe a book or any written word that in one line can tell you how
vengeful a God can be and in the next Chapter tell you how loving God can be.

That is not to say I do not believe in God. I believe in a higher being. I have seen the power of
prayer and I know the glory of the word and have seen it at work and at hand personally. Be it
big or small I know the word has been there to comfort me. But as an average everyday person
my inner faith and love and not condemning a person because they do not believe like I do but
sharing words of encouragement sometimes through tough lessons of pictures painted by the
individual help me to see the selfish ways of self.

I keep in mind the main word in Selfish is SELF.

Amazing how people can explain away these acts and say for life to proceed and be great you
have to be this way. But within reason and turn around and claim God.

Where is the line of Selfish good and Selfish bad?

AM I BABBLING? Have I made an attempt to look to far into a simple word that can be used

when trying to do good and used when a person is being bad as well?

A word with double meaning and easily able to adjust according to the situation?!?!?!?!?!

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