A Note to my Father


June 18th, 2010

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Dear Pops….Hard pressed sometimes to know what to say to you.

At times we have battled it out and in the end you were always right.

When I was younger you use to show me all kinds of things about being a man. Of course I
ignored it because being the knuckle head I was I thought you just wanted to bug me. I always
thought you were tough on me because you were this mean man who hated kids.

But as I got older I realized that you loved kids. You were a father, A teacher (literally) and a
best friend. In my youth and selfishness I took you for granted. I took the spankings and
punishments (there were a lot) for just downright not understanding me.

But as a grown man I realize those punishments were to make me a better person. It was not
that you did not understand me. It’s that I did not understand and respect you.

As the father you are the head of the house and you simply were leading by example. I look at
some of these men today who grew up without a father and I thank God everyday that I was
blessed with such a strong example.

I remember the trips to South Carolina leaving in the middle of the night and in the Chrysler
Cordoba for 12 hours. Random stops on Rt 95 and just talking. You would talk to me about so
many things that I see today and say AHA!!! Yes as a grown man we have a aha moments and
realize the sacrifices made to make the family happy.

I remember playing basketball in my freshman year and you came to the game. I got to play
once yeah once and I turned around and you were there all smiles. End of the game giving me
advice and telling me how well I played. You always encouraged me when I needed it and gave
the ear of reasoning when it had to be there.

While I write this note I have tears running down my face. I tried for so many years to not be like
you. I did not want to be Mr. Johnson. I was trying my best to be the opposite of who I thought
you were. But in the end I am proud to be the son of such a great man. You have shown me
strength, honor, courage and persistence.

When mom passed away you checked on me like only mom would. You called me and knew
when there was a problem. Dad the best gift I can give you today is to simply say I am proud
that I am you. I am a walking talking example of how the lessons of life you gave have shaped
me to be the man I am today.

You did not say you love me, you showed me you loved me. I saw you shed a tear when you
had to spank and was that upset. I saw the pain when you had to visit mom in the hospital and
on her passing.

I can’t say enough how much I love you and feel honored God has blessed me with such a
great example for how to be. While I am still growing and changing it’s great that we have found
a new relationship and can talk. YOU ARE STILL MY FATHER AND I AM HUMBLY STILL


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