Emotional Retardation

Emotional Retardation


November 13th, 2012

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DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? Are you emotionally retarded? Do you have a friend
that suffers from emotional retardation? It’s a very self­inflicted, self­deprecating, self­loathing,
depressing state of affairs. Most of it is very subconscious and you’re consciously making
decisions based of the subconscious situation of emotional retardation.

Many of us today have been dealt with emotional trauma of some kind. We have lost a parent,
lost the loves of our lives, raped or molested at an early age etc. These situations create what is
known as emotional trauma.  Emotional trauma guides you daily on a subconscious level.

Most of the decisions we make are based of emotional trauma. You can have a bad experience
and eat a food and not like that food for the emotional memory derived from eating that food.
You cannot like to go to some events because of emotional trauma caused by such events.
You will choose to date certain people because of emotional trauma.

Emotional retardation plagues the dating community today. Many of us are dating people out of
emotional fear. We are scared to open up and become emotionally connected with people. So
we date people whom we really never will connect with at an emotional level. We date them to
fulfill something that is missing and we become attached out of comfort. If they leave us our
emotional attachment is not really there.

While talking to a friend I was reminded of my own emotional retardation. How events in my
past and within the last 8 years have caused me to keep away from women who require me to
connect emotionally. I was happy to invest in them physically and to a point where I could keep
them at bay.

It was a conscious decision done on a subconscious level.  I knew these women could not
provide much other than a good time and maybe a good friend. That was a choice, I was fooled
by the fact I still was seeking someone to make a great connection with. I would engage
emotionally retarded people and have great sex but grow tired of the sex and then of them

The sad part is that some of them would become friends and we were both so emotionally
wrecked that we would create drama for no reason.

I think the saddest part of this is women who date. Most women that are emotionally retarded
will consider a man that is emotionally connected a punk or pussy. They will quickly dismiss him
and say he’s too much. I have experienced this. They then chase men that they have placed
imaged on being fulfilling for them based off a superficial expectation list.

Most of the time these men will let these women know they are not really into them, If not by
their words by their actions. These women will then try to convince the man either physically or
giving them their time of how much they like them. Hoping these men will give in and change
their minds.

Meanwhile these men are usually seeking out women who will help them with their emotional
hunger. That’s what emotional retardation does. It makes you hungry for that one person you
feel you can be you and no matter what they get you completely.


Since most women overthink the process they tend to seek out that which is not good or healthy
for a while. It’s important to come to grips with your emotional retardation and fix it.


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