Female Teachers Sex with Students

Female Teachers Sex with Students


November 13th, 2012

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Abbie Jane Swogger, 34:

Abigail Holloway, 33

Amy Northcutt, 26:   Amy Beck, 33:

AND THE LIST GOES ON. Since the mid 2000’s there has been a recent jump female teachers being
arrested for sexual contact with minors. Everyday across Social Media newsfees a new article comes out
about a teacher having an affair with a student or Multiple Students

It could be in the woods, at the school, in the parking lot, after the big high school football game. You
name the location and they have been caught there. Many people are wondering why?

Well to put it mildly I blame porn mixed with Pharmaceutical meds like (birth control). Yes you heard me
correct. Today more than Sixty­two percent of women of reproductive age are currently
using contraception. the most common methods used are the pill (28%, or 10.6 million
women) and female sterilization (27%, or 10.2 million women).

Mixed with anti­ depressants, anti Anxiety medication (low dosage on up) and some
porn and you have a huge issue on your hands.  1 in four women are on some kind of
mental health meds

Old school porn use to make women submissive almost like they were being convinced
to be sexual. New School porn is making many women the aggressor and okay with
being hot and horny.

You ever watch Lisa Ann, Phoenix marie, Nina Hartley, Alexis Texas, Pinky, Them
Ladies make it look like the men are the standbys. Nothing says love like a woman
taking a penis down her throat while asking for his friend to hit it from the back.

Today’s woman is just as nasty and sexually aggressive as men. Gone are the days of
men taking the lead. Today a woman will offer up blow jobs like it’s a handshake. Yes
there are a lot of women who can sleep with multiple men in a short amount of time and
it’s no big deal. That’s become today’s woman. She can do what a man can do.

Mix that with the drugs that are legal and to some degree change a woman’s hormonal
balance as well sometimes her ability to reason. The problem is not that women are
being sexual per say. It’s these women getting caught are having sex with under age
boys and girls.

Case in point 28­year­old teacher Brittni Nicole Colleps Who was caught having an all
out orgy with 5 boys under 17. One of the boys actually used his camera to film this.
What makes this all more weird is simply put, in most of the cases about 95% the boys
were not really victims vs the fact they were underage. No these boys were willing
participants in these sexual shenanigans with these teachers.

What I want to know is who’s snitching? Who is actually so mad these boys are getting
their nuts off and telling.

I’ll tell you who, the nerdy kid who stays after school and watches teacher porn and
wishing it was him. You know who that kid is. He’s usually excited over the homework
and excited to stay after school for extra lessons. This fool is begging teacher will take
advantage of him.

Or it’s that jealous girl. Nothing in the world beats a jealous ass woman. Hell a woman
can think about having sex with a guy find out her girl got to the ass and be mad at her
girl for not respecting her territory.

Some of these teachers turn out are ex cheerleaders, dancers, or they just found out
they are attractive to men. They are living out their porn fantasies to the fullest. As much
as we are a sexualized society today think about where these teachers are being found
having sex.

Each one of them seem straight out of a porn video. What’s your fantasy? If you are a
horny 15 year old boy and your teacher is 25 or older you might stand a chance at
getting some.

I find it amazing people act like the boys involved are so damn innocent. I mean come
on. How can you even think these boys are not willing participants. I don’t know about
you but when I was 15 show me a nipple and I could bust a nut in under 15 seconds.

With age it got better now it’s 20 seconds.
Next time you think the boy is a victim think about it from a reality point. No 15 year old
boy is going to turn down a chance to have sex. Let alone sex with a hot older woman
who going to fulfill his fantasy.

Out of all this I say to you, if you are a student and find out your friend is having sex
with the teacher and they are willing participants. SHUT UP stop being a hater and
maybe she will bring you in on the fun.


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